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Essay Writing Dos And Don'ts to Help You Write Great Argumentative Essay

One of the most common essays you will write in schools is an argumentative essay. Combined with fact-based research, persuasive arguments work as powerful tools to convince someone to accept your point of view. Writing an argumentative essay is tricky, and one needs help from an expert essay writer. However, here are some tips that can help you write a perfect argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

An argumentative essay always has two sides. Writing an argumentative essay requires taking a side or position on an issue and supporting it with facts and evidence. The position is your stance, claim, opinion, or idea about the topic; while, the issue is the subject or topic of your argument. Argumentative essay writing needs extensive research and deductive or inductive reasoning. The following tips will help you write a good argumentative essay.

  1. Choose a Debatable Topic

To write an argumentative essay, the topic should be debatable. For instance, should abortion rights be given to women? Is gender equality a myth? Can everyone benefit from higher education? These topics give you an option to choose one side and debate why your point is valid or why you are right. In this way, it will be easy for you to argue and persuade the reader that your viewpoint is valid. Otherwise, ambiguous topics puzzle the writer.

  1. Write a Comprehensive Outline

After selecting a topic, first, write an outline. An outline is a structure that helps you organize ideas and understand the flow of information. Writing an outline helps to identify whether you have mentioned all the required information or skipped any. Moreover, the outline gives an insight to the reader about what you are going to discuss in the essay.

  1. State Your Claim and Reasons in the Thesis Statement

A thesis is generally your stance on a certain topic. It is therefore necessary to state your opinions in the thesis statement. Remember, it comprises two parts. One is the claim that you will make and the other is the reason why you have such opinions on the subject. Since an argumentative essay aims to persuade the reader, you have to state a valid reason with the claim in the thesis statement.

  1. Make a Three-Point Thesis

The foremost tip to write an argumentative thesis statement is to provide three reasons why your point of view is correct. In other words, a three-point thesis states three reasons for your claim. However, you are not supposed to write about the limitations of your ideas there. Just, state three best reasons that are logical, valid, and sound to support your argument.

For example, abortion rights should be given to women because it ensures gender parity, prevents unsafe abortions, and helps in birth control. Or, women should not have the right to abortion because it can lead to gender selection, delay in marriages, and increased risk of future pre-term deliveries.

  1. Practice One Idea Per Paragraph

Each paragraph should have a unique idea (reason). Use one idea per paragraph. For instance, in the first paragraph, you will discuss that giving women the right to abortion ensures gender parity. You are supposed to write how it ensures gender parity. Support your point with evidence or fact. Analyze the evidence provided. And conclude with linking back to the thesis statement. However, you cannot add any other idea, other than gender parity in that paragraph.

  1. Use TEAR Paragraph Structure

Students often face trouble structuring their paragraphs. The best way to structure your paragraph is TEAR structure. 'T' stands for topic sentence, 'E' stands for evidence, 'A' for analysis of evidence, and 'R' for, relating back to the thesis. This is a perfect tip to write an argumentative essay paragraph. If it is not clear you can also take help from an essay writer service.

  1. Make Your Claim More Focused and Narrow

The topic sentence of each paragraph should be related to your thesis. You have to be assertive and stick to your point. Narrow and focused claims can be supported by providing evidence. As compared to a general claim, focused ones are more persuasive. You can always ask someone to write my essay to have a better understanding of writing focused.

  1. Present Equally Balanced Arguments

As an argumentative essay has two sides, you have to present arguments of both sides equally. A good argumentative essay requires balanced arguments that mean three arguments each. However, you will focus more on your stance by providing counter-arguments and negating them with facts and evidence.

  1. Use valid reasoning

Your ideas (claims) make logical sense to most readers. When people read your ideas, it should make sense. Ideas are the main points you talk about while writing an essay. All of your main points explain your position without getting off track. The use of vague reasoning will ultimately weaken your stance. Therefore, valid reasoning is necessary to persuade readers.

  1. Support Your Stance with Sufficient Evidence

Without providing sufficient evidence, persuading the reader to accept your point of view is nearly impossible. It is necessary to support your stance with sufficient evidence. Moreover, it should be from authentic sources.

  1. Write a Premise of Evidence

Writing evidence without stating a premise distracts the reader. According to the sandwich rule, the evidence should be given after stating a premise. The premise sets a background for your evidence. It offers a reason to the reader that why you assert that your stance is valid.

  1. Illustrate Your Evidence

Providing evidence alone is insufficient to persuade the reader. Therefore, you have to illustrate how the evidence proves your point to be valid. You have to justify in a way to convince the reader that your position on the topic is logical.

  1. Negate the Opponent’s Stance with a Counter-Argument

Although you have to present balanced arguments, yet you have to state your stance assertively. Provide a counterargument to negate the opponent's stance. This increases the credibility of your opinion, as it depicts that you know what your opponents argue about and how they are invalid.

  1. Avoid Logical Fallacies

Students often commit logical fallacies while writing an argumentative essay. For example, they appeal to authority, circular reasoning, hasty generalizations, slippery slope, ad hominem, etc which weakens the arguments. So, avoid using logical fallacies.

  1. 15. Use In-text Citations

It is necessary to give credit to the authors, organizations, or any authentic source in your essay. It enhances the credibility of the evidence provided. Thus, citing the sources in your text strengthens your argument and increases reliability.

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